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Horwin SK3

Looking for a cost-effective electric commuter scooter ? Look no further than the Horwin SK3 (125cc Equivalent) electric scooter! Boasting a robust 6.3kW motor, modern aesthetics, and an impressive range of up to 80 miles (Dual Battery Option), this scooter is ideal for city living with the advantage of removable batteries. Get ready for an exhilarating ride on this acclaimed, sleek, and modern electric scooter, engineered with precision to deliver a seamless and thrilling experience on every road!

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Introducing the Horwin SK3 Electric Scooter: Your ideal urban commuting companion!

In need of an Electric Scooter that combines affordability with impressive range? Look no further than the Horwin SK3 Electric Scooter, Horwin's latest offering in the 125cc equivalent category! Boasting a sleek design, robust motor, and an outstanding range of up to 80 miles (Dual Battery Option) , this scooter is the ultimate choice for city commuters seeking both style and extended travel capabilities.

Powered by a high-performance 6.3kW electric motor, the Horwin SK3 offers impressive acceleration and a top speed of up to 56mph. Equipped with the option for dual batteries, this electric scooter can cover up to 80 miles on a single charge (real-world scenario: 40 miles per battery), making it the preferred companion for City Living!

Introducing Horwin's latest Electric City Commuter,

Setting new standards in urban transportation, crafted with state-of-the-art technology, this scooter ensures a smooth riding experience every time. Equipped with the latest 72V 36Ah lithium-ion battery, the Horwin SK3 electric scooter offers an impressive range of up to 40 miles per battery on a single charge, double that with the dual battery system, eliminating range anxiety and enabling uninterrupted rides of up to 80 miles with the Y-Cable functionality.

Say goodbye to range worries and relax as you conquer your daily commute with the Horwin SK3 Electric Scooter.

Discover the outstanding features of the Horwin SK3, where technology meets unparalleled convenience. This electric scooter features a high-resolution TFT display, offering essential details such as speed, battery level, and range. Keyless ignition makes life a little simpler and with the assistance of one button reverse to help you maneuver that tight spot

Engineered for comfort, the SK3 provides a spacious, comfortable seat and adjustable twin shock absorbers effectively cushioning you from bumps and vibrations. An helmet compartment under the seat is available, with an option to upgrade to a second battery, doubling your range to an impressive 80 miles (real-world range). In essence, the Horwin SK3 emerges as your ultimate companion, offering a seamless blend of power and sophistication.

Experience the Horwin SK3 Electric Moped, packed with standout features:

- Fully electric for eco-friendly commuting.
- Stylish, contemporary design with a sporty edge.
- Y-cable for uninterrupted rides spanning up to 80 miles.
- Effortlessly reach speeds of up to 56 mph.
- Perfect for urban commuting, blending style with functionality.
- Cutting-edge digital display offering the latest tech and features.
- High-performance 6.3kW electric motor ensures rapid acceleration.


- 6.3kW motor.
- Up to 80 miles range (Dual battery).
- Up to 56 mph speed.
- 195nm torque.
- 0-60km/h in 6 seconds.
- CBS braking system.


- All-electric, eco-friendly commuting solution.
- Charge up at home, from 3-pin UK plug sockets with removable batteries.
- USB charging.
- Smart digital display dashboard.
- Under seat storage.
- Cruise control.
- Keyless start/lock.
- One button reverse.
- Anti-theft alarm system.
- Keyless ignition.

Price includes:
  • SK3 in your chosen configuration.
  • PDI Inspection.
  • Delivery to your home or work address £150(Optional)
  • DVLA Registration. (£55)
  • Number plates. (£15)

Price includes government OLEV grant deduction.

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  • 56mph Top Speed
  • Single Battery - 40 Mile range
  • Dual Battery - 80 Mile range
  • 94Kg Without Batteries


  • Seat Height - 790mm
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
  • 14inch Wheels
  • L1993 x W750 x H1130mm

Electronic System

  • LED Dashboard
  • Auto-Off Indicators
  • USB Charger
  • LED Lighting system
  • Keyless Ignition
  • Anti-Theft Alarm System


  • 72v 36ah Battery
  • 6300w Motor
  • Removable Battery
  • 4.5 hour charge time
  • Battery Weight - 18kg
  • 3 Riding Modes
  • Torque - 195nm
  • CBS Braking
  • Cruise Control
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