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Leasing for Businesses and Local Authorities

MSAM Business Solutions offers a compelling and sustainable transportation choice for local businesses, authorities, and workforce needs. Elevate your commitment to sustainability with our economical and environmentally conscious solutions.

Whats the advantages?

Business benefits

Here are the ways in which MSAM London can help your business

Tax Benefits
Save more
1% Benefit in kind (BIK)
100% First year allowance
No car fuel benefit charge
Reduced national insurance contributions
Eligible for salary sacrifice schemes
Additional offering
Add bespoke elements
Bespoke Branding
Maintenance Contracts
Fleet discounts
Free Roadside Assistance
Rider training
The benefits of business leasing an electric moped or electric scooter..

Why lease an Electric Moped/Scooter? 

Maximise Profits
Charge Anywhere
Lower Maintenance
Anti-Theft Technology
Easy to

Our electric moped and electric motorcycle leasing process is crafted for a seamless experience, ensuring minimal disruption to your London-based business operations.

From the initial consultation to funding, supply, and servicing of electric vehicles, we strive to deliver a hassle-free journey in the heart of London.

For businesses looking to integrate Electric Mopeds and Electric Motorcycles into their London-based operations, leasing presents a viable long-term solution. It offers exclusive access to electric bikes for a predetermined period, all at a fixed monthly rate. This approach not only provides tax benefits but also allows for unlimited add-ons, such as extra batteries, making it a practical and cost-effective choice for your electric transportation needs in London.

By opting for leasing, businesses can uphold a positive corporate image with modern electric vehicles that efficiently fulfil their London-centric requirements.

Key benefits:

1. Comprehensive Electric Service: All servicing and maintenance, including serviceable electric parts, are covered in our London-centric lease agreement, ensuring businesses in the electric vehicle sector have peace of mind. Our onsite electric servicing staff undergo extensive training, guaranteeing regular maintenance to keep your electric fleet in optimal condition.

2. Predictable Monthly Electric Costs: Embrace the electric revolution in London with fixed monthly costs covering all electric servicing and parts. Upon completing payments, ownership can be transferred, providing the option to trade in, sell, or continue using the electric vehicle for your London-based operations.

3. Electric Branding Excellence: Stand out in the bustling streets of London with our custom branding options. Businesses can seamlessly incorporate their logos onto electric bikes and delivery boxes, aligning with their marketing strategies while contributing to a green and electric image.

4. Sustainable Electric Delivery: Leasing electric Mopeds and Motorbikes isn't just about transportation; it's a green delivery solution. Showcase your commitment to sustainability in the heart of London, creating positive PR opportunities for brands dedicated to environmentally-friendly practices.

5. Tailored Electric Service: Recognizing the unique needs of each electric fleet, we provide tailored solutions, including special racks and boxes designed for electric vehicles. Our highly flexible electric leasing service enables businesses to adapt and evolve as their London-centric electric transportation needs change.

By choosing our electric leasing service, businesses can enjoy the benefits of modern, eco-friendly transportation, ensuring operational efficiency, and embracing environmental responsibility in the vibrant city of London.

How can we help?

Contact our team today and we will be pleased to help with any questions you may have...

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