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Caofen FX

Reserve your FX Today! Are you ready to take your journey to new heights? Unveiling the Caofen FX, the epitome of next-gen Electric Adventure Motorcycles. Built to be tough, this full size electric enduro machine combines excellent on-road manners with brutal off-road performance. it's time to elevate your ride to the maximum! UK deliveries are expected to start in Q2 2024, be the first and reserve your FX now.

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Unleash the Future with Caofen FX

The Caofen FX, is a revolutionary electric motorcycle redefining the on-off road adventure.

Driven by a mid-mounted 11kW motor, and powered by a 72V 60ah liquid cooled battery, the FX delivers an impressive performance with unparalleled acceleration for urban streets and rugged terrains alike. Using a state of the art intelligent rapid charger, the FX offers minimal downtime for maximum adventure.

The FX is the ideal electric adventure bike for the adrenaline-pumping thrill-seeker. Let the adventure begin with unmatched all round performance!

The engineering behind the FX's battery system is extraordinary.

Housed in a sturdy magnesium alloy casing, it integrates top-tier ternary lithium cells. Enhanced by an advanced Battery Management System, supplementary heating system, and flame-resistant oil cooling setup, these innovations ensure maximum stability for continued high power use, extended range and battery life. With the ability to charge at between -40c and +60c the FX will keep you out there regardless of the weather.

The FX's durability and frame integrity set new standards. Crafted from Magnarium, a specialised magnesium-aluminum alloy, this motorcycle boasts a 30% increase in rigidity, turning every ride into an exhilarating experience.

Rain, shine, snow, or storm, the FX remains unfazed, challenging the elements.

Key Features:

- All-electric, eco-friendly on-off road performance.
- Powerful 11KW motor.
- Cutting-edge Magnarium alloy frame.
- Patented battery cooling technology.
- Charge from flat in under 21/2 hours.
- Effortlessly cruise at speeds of up to 53 mph.

Rule the streets with flair and environmental consciousness astride the Caofen FX Electric Motorcycle. It's not just a ride; it's a statement. Prepare to dominate the future of electric mobility!


- 11kw motor.
- Up to 100 miles range.
- Up to 53 mph speed.
- 380nm torque.
- 21/2 hour charge time.

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  • 53mph top speed
  • 100 mile range
  • 97.5kg vehicle weight
  • 129kg max load


  • 2080 × 800 × 1160 mm
  • Front wheel - 21", Rear Wheel - 16"
  • Seat height - 890mm

Electronic System

  • Keyless ignition
  • LED lights
  • Full colour display
  • Anti-theft alarm system
  • 3 Hour Charge time from 3 pin UK plug.


  • 11000w motor
  • 72V 60Ah (43000 w) battery capacity
  • 380nm torque
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