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Artisan EV2000R

An all-electric scooter with real retro charm. The learner legal Artisan EV2000R (L1E 50cc Equivalent), is a chic urban commuter solution. With its Italian vintage design, this scooter turns heads while effortlessly cruising the streets at speeds up to 30 mph, even with a pillion passenger on board. Don’t be fooled by the vintage look, its cutting-edge electric technology offers a thoroughly modern riding experience, the EV2000 is your Ideal companion for urban journeys, it's the only electric scooter choice for the hip, style-conscious rider.

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Product information

The Artisan EV2000r Electric Scooter

Look no further for an electric commuter scooter brimming with nostalgic design. Introducing the Artisan EV2000R (L1E 50cc Equivalent) learner legal electric moped – The perfect inner city commuter solution, with its distinctive retro looks this electric scooter is a real head-turner on the streets.

Equipped with the latest lithium battery and motor technology this silky smooth, silent electric scooter lends itself to the daily urban commute, this electric moped is not only a great ride but it’s also an environmentally friendly one.

The EV2000R is powered by a 2.6kW electric hub motor with up to two removable 60V/20Ah lithium-ion batteries, providing a real life 50-mile range on a single charge. Recharging is effortless – just pop out the light weight batteries, plug it into a standard household socket, and you're ready to ride in under 5 hours!

Standard features on the EV2000R include a rear rack, covered storage space, LED lighting, USB charging and a retro display showing speed and battery level, hydraulic front and rear disc brakes for a safer ride and adjustable rear suspension to smooth out even the roughest roads. The EV2000R lightweight design makes it easy to manoeuvre and park, making it ideal for busy city streets.

A range of stylish accessories complete EV2000R look, with a front rack, tailored luggage, leather seat options and a retro front screen to name but a few.

Key Features of Artisan EV2000r Electric Moped:

- All-electric, zero emission, environmentally friendly.
- Heritage inspired design for a retro charm.
- Under-seat storage.
- Anti theft alarm.
- Advanced electric motor technology for smooth swift acceleration.
- Effortlessly cruise at city speeds of up to 30 mph.
- Ideally suited for the stylish, practical urban commute.


- 2.6kw motor.
- Up to 50 miles range (Dual battery).
- Up to 30 mph speed.
- 130nm torque.

Price includes:
  • EV2000R in your chosen configuration.
  • PDI Inspection.
  • Delivery to your home or work address £150 (Optional)
  • DVLA Registration. (£55)
  • Number plates. (£15)

Price includes the government OLEV grant deduction.

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  • 28mph top speed
  • 50mile range (Dual battery)
  • 92kg (including 2 batteries) 
  • Rider and pillion passanger (2 persons)


  • L1910 x W710 x H1120mm
  • 10inch wheels
  • Seat height - 780mm

Electronic System

  • USB charging
  • LCD dashboard
  • Anti-theft alarm system
  • LED lights
  • Charging type - Standard 13amp plug (6 Hour charge time)


  • 2.6Kw motor
  • Removable batteries (60v 20ah Lithium-ion)
  • Front and rear hydraulic brakes
  • Torque - 130nm
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